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The CargoCover™ claim experience

A Claim Experience based on Speed, Efficiency and Transparency.

The CargoCover™ Claim Experience

CargoCover™ has integrated with W K Webster & Co Ltd, one of the leading marine and transit claims specialists, providing real time claims reporting and monitoring, greatly improving the speed, efficiency and transparency of the entire claims process.

About W K Webster & Co Ltd 

Since 1861 W K Webster & Co Ltd has built up an impressive reputation for excellence in the field of marine & transit claims consultancy. W K Webster are committed to providing pro-active and innovative claims handling services, and this commitment has allowed W K Webster to become the leading global Marine & Transit Claims Consultancy Firm.     

Through our Regional Offices in London, Singapore, New York and Los Angeles we ensure contact with all relevant parties at any time of the day and consistent handling of your claims.

W K Webster are delighted to administer the claims side of the CargoCover™ cargo insurance solution and to continue their long and distinguished history with Marsh & McLennan companies. Learn more about W K Webster.

CargoCover™  Claims Reviews

Express Logistics Inc. - Waukee, Iowa, United States

"We are finding the claims process with the new CargoCover website much easier to maneuver around and seems to be very user friendly. The process is faster and ensures we aren’t missing any information that is needed when filing a claim. Here at Corviva/Express Logistics, we are always looking into ways to streamline our processes to make everything we do more efficient.  Your new claims process follows suite with what we try to accomplish every day."

Heidi Marchand I Customer Care Coordinator I Express Logistics, Inc.

Gamma & Bross - Brooklyn, Ney York, United States

“Shipping damaged is one of the most painful processes of running any business.  However, filing a claim online with W K Webster has made it a MUCH easier and faster process! Damage claims directly through the freight carriers would take months and even a year to resolve, and that was only IF you could get it resolved. W K Webster as a third party has remarkably fast turnaround times on claims, their staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and they are very prompt to respond to any question. In short, I would highly recommend W K Webster to anyone as your claims facilitator.” 

Bradley Thornber I Gamma & Bross USA 

CargoCover™ - W K Webster Claims Story

W K Webster handled a claim for a claimant who shipped a large piece of machinery on an open bed truck from their factory in New Jersey to California, USA. Upon arrival of the machinery at their customers premises significant damages to the unit were noted, therefore the unit was immediately returned to the shipper’s premises for detailed assessment. The claim was immediately reported to W K Webster via the online claim reporting portal which allowed them to immediately review the claim documents, assess the extent of damage and appoint a surveyor to be in attendance upon the shipments return.

The assured/shipper initially argued that the unit was a constructive total loss as they believed repair costs would exceed the insured value of the unit, however there would be a significant lead time for a brand new unit to be built. Thanks to the surveyor’s attendance WK Webster insisted that a detailed breakdown of the projected costs associated with repair be provided in order for us to assess whether repairs could indeed be undertaken and thus the loss mitigated and the long lead time for a replacement be avoided.

Following assessment, the assured subsequently provided a detailed breakdown which demonstrated that the unit was repairable for considerably less than its insured value. Repairs were subsequently undertaken and the unit shipped back to the end consignee, which significantly reduced the claim amount and enabled consignees to utilise the machine and resume business operations far quicker than if the shipment had been declared a total loss and avoided the considerable lead time for a replacement machine.

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