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About CargoCover™

CargoCover™ is your fast, easy, secure and convenient cargo insurance solution, giving you 24/7 access to competitive rates, and expert advice.

Industry Experience

The Logistics industry is in a period of rapid change. Client demands, digital technology and intense global competition require Logistics and Transportation companies to reimagine how they engage with clients. CargoCover™ provides Logistics and Transportation companies with a fast, easy, secure and convenient cargo insurance solution. 

CargoCover™ is the industry’s leading online cargo insurance platform offering convenient and cost effective cargo insurance and claims administration, a solution from Marsh, the world’s leading risk and insurance services firm with a long history of providing transportation insurance and risk management consulting services to the logistics industry. The Marsh Specialty Marine, Logistics and Transportation Specialty Group has the necessary resources, innovative approach, and industry-specific expertise to help your organization manage its risk.

Thousands of Freight Forwarders (NVOCC), Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s), Common Carriers (Ocean and Truck) and Load Brokers rely on CargoCover™ every day for their customer’s cargo insurance needs, accessing secure and real time insurance certificates from anywhere in the world.

Cargo Insurance Coverage From CargoCover™ 

Cargo insurance provides protection against all risks of physical loss or damage to goods from any external cause during shipping, whether by land, sea or air.

Our coverage solutions include options to insure from “warehouse to warehouse,” irrespective of the number of subcontractors involved, and covers common carrier limitations such as: “Acts of God,” terrorism, strikes, riots, and civil commotion risks.

Other Notable Coverage Features:

  • This policy responds regardless of which carrier is responsible for the loss or damage.
  • Includes coverage for General Average. Without cargo insurance, this event is frustrating for shippers, as they will be required to put up a bond to have their cargo released, even if it is not damaged.
  • Covers goods for the full value declared and will not be subject to the limitation of a carrier’s bill of lading.
  • If you are handling third party cargo, cargo insurance is a value added service that also helps you manage your cargo liability exposure. CargoCover™ does not subrogate against the party who arranged the cover.
  • With all risk cargo insurance, there is no requirement to establish liability for a loss only to show that the goods were damaged in transit. 
  • Claims are handled directly between the insurer and the customer. 

Put simply, cargo insurance provides a cost effective way of covering your customer cargo, as well as protecting yourself for physical loss or damage to goods in transit. It provides a value added solution and helps differentiate you from your competition.

Cargocover™ Highlights

  • Free and Easy Registration: CargoCover™ is a no risk proposition. Get Started today to obtain instant rates with no obligation or minimum volume requirements.
  • Competitive Rates: Through key partnerships and a streamlined process CargoCover™ offers cargo insurance coverage at exceptionally competitive rates plus benefit from no minimum annual premiums; simply pay for the coverage you use.
  • Issuing Certificates: Secure electronic certificates are printable and can be downloaded, saved or sent to your customers.
  • Customer Support: Technical support is available 24/7 plus specialized broker support is available during regular business hours. 
  • Convenient Claims Management: CargoCover™ has integrated with one of the leading marine and transit claims specialists, providing real time claims reporting and monitoring, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of the entire claims process.

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