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Fast, Easy, Secure and Convenient

CargoCover™ is your fast, easy, secure and convenient cargo insurance solution, giving you 24/7 access to competitive rates, and expert advice.

Why CargoCover™?

CargoCover™  provides simple and effective means to generate insurance quotes, obtain insurance coverage, deliver secure electronic insurance certificates and provide reliable claims management.  CargoCover™ offers competitive rates with no minimum retained annual premiums -- simply pay for the coverage you obtain.

CargoCover™ by Marsh Specialty

CargoCover™ is the industry’s leading online cargo insurance platform offering convenient and cost effective cargo insurance and claims administration.

ParcelCover by Marsh Specialty

 ParcelCover is a convenient and cost efficient digital parcel shipping insurance solution for large volume shippers of big or small packages.

Benefits of the CargoCover™ Insurance Program